Kent Ha

Dynamic Digital Marketer




Portland, Oregon

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Equipped with over seven years of marketing experience ranging from project/event planning to advertisements in multiple industries, Kent has been utilizing his diverse skill set to passionately innovate for a better tomorrow.

As a Digital Marketing Manager at DaBella, a home improvement company that ranks in the top 20 in the United States, Kent partnered with his Chief Marketing Officer to strategically plan DaBella's digital presence through initiatives such as search engine optimization and online paid media advertisement - all while continually revamping DaBella's brand across multiple branches nationwide. His dedication towards these initiatives resulted in DaBella's website traffic growing by over 80% year over year. He attributes much of this success to the partners and the team members at DaBella. 

As Kent continues to advance in his career, he aims to set a legacy through continuously innovating for a better tomorrow. He believes that by being creative, we can create a better user experience because there is no better feeling than having a consumer become a brand ambassador.

Outside of his career, Kent is first and foremost a family man. He credits much of his success to his family for providing all the necessary means for him to grow professionally and personally. While being creative is a huge part of his nature, he is often found watching sporting events such as the Oregon State Beavers football games, Portland Trail Blazers or simply spending time with his friends and family.