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A nationally recognized leader in the Home Improvement industry with over 15 branches throughout the United States.

DaBella | Rebranding
DaBella's Comprehensive Rebrand

To celebrate DaBella's seventh anniversary, they announced a comprehensive rebrand including an entire redesign including visual, verbal identity and brand position.  

As a Marketing Coordinator that joined two months prior, Kent was appointed project lead while receiving input from the executive leadership team at DaBella and OVO, a Portland-based brand consultancy. 

Here are some of the items associated with this project:

  • Coordinated an internal event in Portland, Oregon to announce the rebrand that was also live-streamed across 13 different markets, while staying 10% below budget. 

  • Protected and maintained the brand image by appointing brand ambassadors at each office across the United States.

  • Responsible for assuring that all documentation and standard operating procedures were reflective of the current brand.   

DaBella | Website Rebranding
Website Redesign

In January 2019, DaBella completed the rebranding efforts by launching the new website that allowed for better user experience on desktop and mobile. 

An important aspect of this website redesign was assuring that all content would correctly represent the brand. In addition, this required partnering up with Logic Inbound, a Seattle-based search engine optimization agency to assure that domain authority would not be jeopardized during this transition. 

Key aspects and accomplishments of this project were:

  • Increased conversion rate by 75% year over year.

  • Spearheaded the content creation of over 70+ pages. 

  • Integrated a chat platform within the website that allowed another method for customer support.

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DaBella | Sweepstake
Marketing Operations

As a home improvement leader, DaBella offered homeowners the opportunity twice a year to win a $15,000 Home Makeover Sweepstakes. The winnings would go towards a roof, siding, windows or bath replacement system. 

During Kent's two year tenure at DaBella, he was responsible for coordinating the sweepstakes through a Facebook Paid Media campaign and announcing the winner. 

Some of the noteworthy items were:

  • Partnered with SearchLogic, a Portland-based Paid Media agency to launch the Facebook paid media campaign returned more than doubled the return on investment. 

  • Managed the logistics of awarding the sweepstakes winner the check and announcement on DaBella's website.

  • Gather testimonials from homeowers that would be used for marketing purposes. 

Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 9.39.41 AM.png
DaBella | Traditional Media
Media Campaign

Being one of the fastest-growing home improvement companies, DaBella was ready for the big lights by starting their first-ever traditional media campaign (television, radio and streaming commercial) in Eugene and Medford, Oregon. This was also accomplished through the help of the team at Tenga. 

As a Digital Marketing Manager, Kent led the charge for DaBella to coordinate the talent, material and location - all while staying within budget. 

Immediate impacts from this campaign were:

  • Positive brand awareness for sales and canvas team while speaking with homeowners. 

  • Over 90% completion viewing rate by homeowners. 

  • Increased sales percentage by over 70% in both markets. 

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