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Premier distributor of life, annuity, and long-term care-based insurance products service over 5,000 financial professionals nationwide.

LifePro | Client Awareness
Brand Awareness

On a quarterly basis, LifePro held a Wealth-Builder Academy to show the financial advisors how to build trust with their prospective clients through an educational platform. 

With the help of a few team members, Kent orchestrated the website development for over ten advisors on a quarterly basis.  

Here are some of the aspects of this project:

  • Responsible for recording and producing the videos of each advisor that would be displayed on the website. 

  • Collaborated with team members to launch an email drip campaign that 500+ advisors utilized to drive traffic to the website.

LifePro Wealth Builder Academy
Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 4.43.32 PM.png
LifePro Wealth Builder Academy
LifePro Wealth Builder Academy
LifePro | Event Applicatin
Event Application

On a yearly basis, LifePro took their top clients on an all-expense-paid trip to Hawaii for their annual LifePro Elite conference. 

In an effort to go green and digital for the first time, Kent was responsible for finding and creating LifePro's first-ever conference mobile application guide. This encompassed information such as hotel, point of contact and conference agenda.  

Some highlights on the event application were: 

  • Saved LifePro over $1,000 by converting a 50+ page conference guide into a mobile application. 

  • 40% of attendees utilized the application during the seven-day conference. 

LifePro Elite Trip

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LifePro | Money Script Monday
Video Production

True to LifePro's value, they stressed the importance of continued education for their team members and clients. With time, the marketing team realized that the pre-recorded hour-long educational webinars were not as effective as viewership decreased as the video went on.  

Kent partnered up with LifePro's Vice President of Sales and Marketing Director to recreate a new form of a weekly webinar called Money Script Monday. 

Here are some of the impacts of this revamp:

  • Doubled the number of views through a more concise and short webinar.

  • Increased LifePro's website Domain Authority by 5% through following search engine optimization best practices such as utilize keywords that would optimize search volume.

LifePro Money Script Money
LifePro Money Script Money
LifePro Money Script Money
LifePro Money Script Money
LifePro | Client Brandin
Client Branding

One of the key factors when trying to find a financial advisor is their creditability. As a one-stop-shop, LifePro provided services to help advisors gain much-needed creditability through sales materials and marketing. 

By taking the time to speak with the advisors to learn about their culture, mission, and values, Kent was able to utilize platforms such as and Wix to create a logo for marketing collateral. 

Financial advisors loved these aspects: 

  • Created a logo that represented their values and beliefs that would provide the professional look they desired. 

  • Established a creditable website with content that would educate the advisor's prospects.

LifePro Carinal Logo
LifePro Carinal Website
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