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As a dynamic marketer, Kent has over seven years of proven experience in digital marketing, project management, video/photo production, brand management, and cross-departmental collaboration.

Website Strategty

DaBella | Digital Marketing Manager

Kent spearheaded DaBella's website launch, a cornerstone of their web strategy, and pivotal in broadcasting their comprehensive rebrand.


Notable achievements include:

  • Facilitated a 75% year-over-year increase in conversion rate

  • Curated 70+ pages of engaging content

  • Integrated a chat platform for enhanced customer support, amplifying user experience and satisfaction.

A screen capture of DaBella's mobile website

Project Management

DaBella | Digital Marketing Manager

With a focus on project management, Kent successfully orchestrated DaBella's inaugural paid media campaign encompassing television, radio, and streaming commercials.


Key accomplishments include:

  • Secured a 90%+ completion rate for campaign materials.

  • Drove a sales surge of over 70% in targeted markets.

Click here to view the campaign

A promotion slide from DaBella's 2020 media campaign

Please note that due to the confidential nature of certain projects, Kent is not able to have them displayed digitally, but would be happy to connect to discuss the project wherever possible.

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